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Every new assignment increasingly reveals and develops great ability”

-Baltasar Gracian

Although Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian’s advice is almost 400 years old, it is still relevant to students today. The main reason university/college professors allot assignment to students is to help them develop technical skills, academic knowledge and writing style. However, it is no secret that students often face so many difficulties when drafting their assignments. has introduced online assignment help service with the aim of aiding such students. We have hired a team of elite online assignment help experts who are well-versed in all the things students have to keep in mind while drafting their assignments.

Definition of an assignment

An assignment is any task that has been allotted by your teacher or professor and has to be completed outside of class. It is totally different from class work which has to be completed during the class hours. Assignments are often given to students in order to increase their technical know-how and writing skills in the subject.

Types of assignment

Assignment” is a generic word used to refer to a number of other types of academic writing. These types of writing include:

  • Essay – This type of academic writing carries the argument of the student. It is written in a structured fashion.
  • Coursework – This is the type of academic writing is prepared by a student as part of his undergraduate or graduate course.
  • Dissertation/thesis – This is a paper prepared by a student in order to obtain his/her Ph.D. degree or M.Phil. Degree.
  • Term paper – This type of academic writing is done on a specific topic which is usually covered by a college professor in class.
  • Research paper- This is an academic publication paper written by a student or professor.

Crucial Steps of Writing an Assignment

Although drafting an assignment paper is often tricky for most students, but when done correctly, students are assured of fetching rich dividends in form of top grades. has come up with the following list in order to provide a top-notch online assignment help:

Selecting an assignment topic

There are three things you must at least remember before choosing a topic whether you are drafting an essay or a dissertation:

  • Never deviate from the topic allotted by your professor
  • The topic you choose should conform to the larger area of research
  • Choose an under-researched subject area

Conducting a research for the assignment topic

For an assignment to be termed as exceptional, it must be well-researched. Gone are the days when students used to run from one library to another in order to get help with research. Students can now get all the help they need online from Instead of the dirty shelves of the university or public libraries, research papers can now be easily found online. Here are some important online sites you can visit for research papers:

  • ArXiv
  • LibraryGenesis
  • Go Pub Med/
  • Project MUSE/

Assignment Sample

How to Structure Your Assignment Paper

Our dedicated team of online assignment help experts strives to always deliver a well-structured assignment paper. A paper that is well-structured highlights the main points and presents arguments better. Our experts offer four basic tips to structure an assignment, which are:

  • Three parts of an essay – All essays must have three parts, which are: an introduction, body, and conclusion. A classic essay can either be a three paragraphed or five paragraphed. However, it is recommended that you follow the disciplinary requirements. Different essays follow different structures. For example, a science essay should have a hypothesis, experimental details, and inference, while a marketing case study entails a brief history of the company, which is followed by a situational analysis, an environmental scanning and finally future recommendation.
  • Introduction – This is the most important part of any assignment paper. You can employ two ways to write a good introduction, the first one is the deductive style where the writer moves from the general to specific. The second one is the inductive style where the writer moves from the specific to general.
  • Body – This is the main part of an assignment paper and should state all the research findings.
  • Conclusion – This is the final round up of your discussion.

The methodology of writing an assignment

The methodology is another important area of good assignment writing. Here are a few simple tips for students who are in need of online assignment help. There is a myriad of research methods that can be used in assignment writing. The following research methods are common in arts and humanities:

  • Observations: This involves observing what people are doing under certain circumstances
  • Interviews: This is considered one of the most preferred ways of learning the opinions, views, and feelings of people.
  • Analysis of the document: It involves the analysis of historical documents. It is a method used in writing history assignments.
  • List of Questions: These are a set of standardized questions used to get information from a large number of people.

How to Cite Sources in an Assignment

Citing simply means acknowledging a source used in writing an assignment. It may be done in two ways, namely: Footnote and Endnotes. In case you are a student and is faced with this task, you must follow at least three important points while citing your sources:

Get to understand the purpose of citation

There are a number of formats of citations which are recognized and followed by universities and colleges all across the world.

Know the type of format you should use

There are four different referencing styles that are very popular among universities and colleges across the globe.

  • Harvard referencing style: Entails the author’s name and publication date within the text.
  • Chicago referencing style: The details of the publication and the author’s name appear as footnotes and endnotes.
  • American Psychological Association Style (APA): This type of citation involves having the reference list at the end of the essay.
  • Modern Languages Association Style (MLA): It involves simply putting the author’s name and page number in the text.

Assignment Sample

Never mix up citation styles

It is a serious academic sin to mix up referencing styles in your paper. You should not put footnotes and bibliography if you are following Harvard style. Similarly, if you are using the Chicago referencing style then do not go for in-text citations.

How to prepare an exceptional bibliography

A bibliography is also known as the list of works, list of references, works cited or simply references. It is basically a list of journal articles, a list of books and online resources that are written by students at the end of their dissertations, essays, and theses.  A bibliography is of two types:

  • Descriptive bibliography: This is a written essay that contains the names of the author, details of their works, and other publication details.
  • Enumerative bibliography: This type of bibliography has the names of the authors, their works written in a tabular form one after the other.

Copy-editing and Proofreading

Proofreading and copy-editing are two of the most important tasks that all students should undertake after completing drafting their assignments. If you want to earn top grades then your paper must be error-free. Copy-editing and proofreading eliminate all flaws from your paper. Proofreading involves going through the copy of your assignment for possible grammatical and typographical errors before submission. On the other hand, copy-editing is a special kind of editing. It is done by the student to improve the formatting style and accuracy of the content.

Our professional assignment help experts recommend the following top tips to help you proofread your essay:

  • It is important to refresh your mind with your paper by proofreading it after 24 hours. This helps you see your mistakes from a fresh perspective.
  • Our experts recommend that you check for mistakes on a hard copy rather than a soft copy.
  • Reading your assignment from backward can also be essential.
  • You should also read your paper out loud. This helps points you towards your mistake.
  • You can use a red pen or a marker of a different color to highlight your mistakes and make corrections.

Moving on to copy-editing, we suggest the following:

  • You can try to get the impression of your content and a quick survey of where mistakes lie by reading through the texts in your paper without changing anything first.
  • First take note of all the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and then remove them.
  • The next thing you should concentrate on is the referencing style used in your paper. Make sure that the citation you have used is in line with the requirements of your university and academic style of writing.
  • Remove all the irrelevant portions in your paper.
  • The last thing is to ensure whether the written content follows a coherent pattern. Your paragraphs should flow logically from one to the other.

Assignment Sample

6 Unique tips for an exceptional assignment

  1. Have an in-depth understanding of your assignment topic: You should follow closely the topic allotted to you by your professor. If part of the assignment involves choosing a topic then ensure that the one you choose is relevant and important.
  2. Academic research writing demands a coherent structure: Unlike a classic five-paragraph essay which is always good for any discipline, management and science assignments often have disciplinary requirements. Ensure that you follow the disciplinary boundaries while preparing the structure of your paper.
  3. It is vital to conduct extensive research on your assignment: The internet has greatly revolutionized the academic field. There are a plethora of online databases that can assist you with assignment writing. The good thing about seeking assistance with your assignment online is that you do it in the comfort of your home.
  4. Referencing styles vary: Ensure you do not drift away from the instructions of your professor. The most used citation styles are Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA. In addition, never mix up the styles.
  5. A bibliography is an absolute must and should come at the end: There are two ways of writing a bibliography. You can either choose the descriptive style or the enumerative style.
  6. Copy-editing and proofreading can eliminate all errors from your assignment: Proofreading can make your assignment flawless by helping you get rid of typographical errors and grammatical errors. Copy-editing, on the other hand, helps delete irrelevant portions in your paper and give it a consistent format.

Some of the challenges that students encounter while writing an assignment

Drafting any assignment can be challenging regardless of whether it is an essay, a dissertation, coursework or research publication. Students from all across the globe encounter similar problems while writing an assignment. Mentioned below are some of the problems faced by students:

  • Language Barrier: Most students who come to the UAE to pursue higher education are from non-Arabic speaking backgrounds. A number of them are Americans, Britons, Chinese, Hispanics and Indians. These students often have a tough time settling in because Arabic is not their first language.
  • College Stress: College life can sometimes prove to be stressful. College stress can come be in the form of academic, personal or emotional. Homework and coursework assignment can cause high anxiety and depression. Other primary reasons for academic stress are; lagging in class, poor grades and not having adequate knowledge of your subject of study.
  • Strict Deadlines: Even students who are adept assignment writers suffer the anxiety of meeting deadlines. Failing to meet deadlines can have disastrous repercussions on your grades.

Why numerous students seek expert help in writing their assignments

While it is not a secret that students face a myriad of difficulties in composing the perfect assignment, a little help from can go a long way in pushing up your grades. Below are some of the reasons why students seek online assignment help from us:

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