Bioinformatics Assignment Help

Bioinformatics Assignment Help

The advancement in technology and the new discoveries in the field of biology and medicine in the past decades has led to an upsurge in the production of biological data. In the year 2000, we saw the advent of the human genome project whose main goal was to unravel the human DNA. This project led to the creation of loads of data which needed to be stored for future reference and analysis.

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More information on Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a branch of biology and medicine that borrows knowledge from disciplines such as mathematics, statistics and computer science to analyze and store biological data. Various tools and software have been developed to study and store biological information retrieved from DNA, RNA, and protein sequencing of organisms.

Bioinformatics emerged as a subject because of necessity. Scientists, after doing the first genome sequence, realized that the data was too much and could no longer be stored by conventional tools. Hence, there was a need to develop new tools that could help store this vast biological data that had been produced. Computer specialists and scientists shared their knowledge and came up with computer techniques that could manage biological information. The combination of computer techniques and biology has given forth to a new discipline called bioinformatics today.

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The aims of Bioinformatics

The objectives of bioinformatics can be classified into three-folds:

  1. Organize and store biological data using bioinformatics tools in such a way that scientists can access existing information and also upload new data to the databases
  2. Come up with techniques and sophisticated resources that can help in analyzing biological information
  3. Use the developed bioinformatics tools to analyze and interpret data into meaningful information that is significant to researchers.

Topics catered to by our bioinformatics assignment help service

  • Genomics
  • DNA assembly and sequencing
  • Biomedical informatics
  • Computer techniques for reconstructing and analyzing biological networks
  • Biology algorithms
  • Computational genomics
  • Tree of life and comparative genomics

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Application of Bioinformatics


  • Development and discovery of drugs

In previous years, scientists used x-ray crystallography to discover new and better drugs. However, the introduction of bioinformatics tools now allows them to use simulation programs and create 3d structures of proteins. These structures are then matched with the drug molecule to come up with the best fit that gives optimum functions.

  • Personal Medicine

The model of personal medicine proposes healthcare personalization. It suggests that the drugs given to individuals should match their genetic profile. Doctors and healthcare practitioners should give drugs to patients according to their susceptibility to specific diseases.  Bioinformatics is used to study the genomes of individuals to find a drug that match perfectly. Also, knowledge of bioinformatics is vital in identifying the susceptibilities and genetic variations among patients.

  • Gene therapy

Bioinformatics tools are used to diagnose various genetic diseases to allow better drug administration and a much suitable use of gene therapy. Patients with genetic disorders have their genomes uploaded to bioinformatics databases for the study of susceptible genes which cause the diseases. With this information, gene therapy can be done.

  • Preventive medicine

The genetic mechanisms and disorders are unraveled using bioinformatics tools. Tests can then be carried out to determine an individual’s susceptibility towards a specific disease. Such people can take preventive measures such as changing their lifestyle or getting preventive treatments before the condition worsens.


Bioinformatics tools are used by scientists to study the genomes of microbes. This can shed light into the unique abilities and fundamental characteristics of microbes. Scientists can use the study of microbes for various purposes. Some of these applications include:

  • Climate change
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Waste cleanup
  • Alternative sources of energy
  • Epidemiological studies


Bioinformatics is applied in sequencing and analyzing the genomes of various plants and animals. This information is hugely beneficial in the field of agriculture. It can be used to produce stronger breeds of animals, crops that are drought and disease resistant and the quality of the produce gets enhanced.

Basic Research

Bioinformatics is used in various research, such as:

  • Comparative and evolutionary genomics

The comparison of multiple organisms to identify and establish links among them. The information obtained is stored in bioinformatics databases and can be used to find relevant correlations among the organisms.

  • Functional genomics

This field carries out a comprehensive study of the function, expression and interaction of all the genes present in an organism.

  • Genome Wide Association Analysis

Genome Wide Association Analysis is the brainchild of the HapMap project. The project was considered the next big thing after human genome sequencing and was launched to establish existing variations among humans. The main focus of the Genome Wide Association Analysis was to find genetic variation patterns that make a specific ethnic group susceptible to certain diseases.

Forensic Analysis

Bioinformatics tools and databases are used in forensic analysis. The analysts try to match the biological pieces of evidence with the data available. A good example is the DNA obtained from blood in the crime scene can be matched with the profiles in the database to identify where it is from. Usually, the government has a DNA profile of all its citizens. If the blood is from a human DNA, it can be matched with those in the bioinformatics databases to find the victim or culprit.

Bio-weapon creation

Scientists have sequenced genomes of 1016 plasmids, 2167 bacteria and, 3139 viruses in the past decade. This information is available online for the public at the European Bioinformatics Institute’s website. With such data, it has become easy to use genetic engineering tools and concepts to synthesize organisms, make them virulent and spread diseases. These synthesized organisms can be used for biological warfare.

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