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What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a sub-field of biosciences that study living systems and organisms to develop products. This discipline exploits biological processes for use in industrial purposes. Biotechnology combines the concepts of chemical engineering, microbiology, computer science, and technology. Our biotechnology assignment help service covers all these areas of study. So do not hesitate to contact us when you are facing any difficulty with your assignment.

The History of Biotechnology

Humans have been known to use biotechnology in modifying plants and converting food sources for decades. Before the agrarian revolution, farmers used to plant crops that would resist pests and insect attacks and still produce the most yields. Later on, agriculturalists discovered organisms that trap nitrogen and boost productivity. After that came the mastery of the fermentation concept, which was used in the leavening of bread and brewing. Another form of biotechnology that was practiced by early farmers was selective breeding. It was not until the 19th century that Charles Darwin came up with the idea of natural selection in his theory of evolution.

Another significant usage of biotechnology in the earlier days was in the field of medicine. In 1917, acetone was produced through microbiological culture in an industrial process by one Chaim Weizmann. The acetone was used to make explosives. The other fundamental break-through came in 1928 when Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. The discovery has led to the development of a plethora of antibiotics.

The 20th and 21st centuries have seen the astounding discoveries being made in the fields of bioinformatics, genetics, and bio-robotics. Genetic engineering scientists can now tweak the genetic structure of any organism and introduce a new DNA. This has given birth to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), which have altered genetic makeup. However, it has taken patience and dedication on the part of the scientists. In 1973, they discovered the GMO bacterium, 1974; the GMO mouse was a success, and it was in 1994 that GMO food was produced and sold commercially.

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Significant areas of Biotechnology

Our biotechnology assignment help experts can help you with the following sub-areas of study:

  • Bio-Informatics

Bio-informatics applies the concepts of mathematics, computer science, and biology, among other subjects, to study, analyze, interpret, and store biological data. The knowledge of bioinformatics is used in the processing of gene-related information and genetic mapping. At, we offer exceptional bioinformatics assignment help. Our experts are well-versed with all topics and sophisticated tools used in this subject. Get the help of our bioinformatics experts and watch your grades soar.

  • Bio-Robotics

Bio-robotics involves the use of biological information to develop robots. These robots are meant to emulate biological functions and operate as living things. Learn more about this by getting our biotechnology assignment help. Also, we are associated with bio-robotics assignment help professionals who can prepare your assignment to precision.

  • Bio-Process Engineering

Bio-process engineering is the use of biological knowledge to develop and produce useful products in a wide range of fields, including agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The products are meant to be both environmentally sustainable and biologically beneficial. Avail of our bioprocess engineering assignment help from the comfort of your home right here at Edu Assignment Helper.

  • Chemical Engineering

Our biotechnology assignment help service also caters to assignments on chemical engineering. This sub-field combines the knowledge of chemistry and engineering in manufacturing. Some of the areas under chemical engineering that our experts can assist you with include Nano-technology, bio-engineering, and fuel-cells, among others.

Application of Biotechnology

According to our top-rated assignment help experts, biotechnology is applied in the following fields.

  • Agriculture

Biotechnology is applied in a myriad of fields in agriculture, such as the production of biofuels, the manufacture of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), bio-remediation, and pharmaceutical agents. The recent years have seen several successful productions of GMOs. Although biotechnology, through genetic engineering, has succeeded in producing genetically modified food, it still has some controversy surrounding it. As a result, governments across the globe are unsure about its use and have set different regulations. For example, in the USA, the patenting cultivation, importation, and exportation of GMO crops are allowed. On the other hand, in Europe, only the cultivation of a few varieties of crops are allowed. Get to know more about the application of biotechnology in the agricultural sector by signing up for our biotechnology assignment help.

  • Medicine

Biological information is vital in the pharmaceutical industry to produce better and new drugs. The experts in this field also use the knowledge of pharmacology genetics to understand how drugs work in the human body. Through biotechnology, research on diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer has been a success. Some of the prestigious biotechnology-based pharma companies in the world include Gilead Sciences, Amgen, and Celgene of USA, Dr. Reddy’s Lab in India, and Novo Nordisk in Denmark. The other important application of biotechnology is genetic testing which is used to determine:

  • Inherited diseases
  • In the case of paternal dispute, to find out the parentage or DNA relationship

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  • Industry

Biotechnology is used in industries to produce new chemicals, food products, biofuels, detergents, and many more.  Companies that use biotechnology help in lowering carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Our biotechnology assignment help caters to all assignments in this discipline, such as:

  • Human genomes
  • Genetic mapping
  • Bio-robotics
  • GMOs and many more

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