Paleontology Assignment Help

Paleontology Assignment Help

Paleontology is the study of ancient and extinct life. It involves the study of prehistoric living things such as dinosaurs and other mammals, fish, microbes, plants, insects etc. Paleontology course is exciting and intriguing. Students of this course get to learn about various fossil records and how organisms changed and evolved over time.

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We provide impeccable paleontology assignment help on a wide range of areas and concepts

Below are some of the popular topics that our eminent paleontology experts can assist you with:

  • Major phyla of vertebrate fossils
  • Biological evolution
  • Anatomy and fossil structures
  • Natural selection
  • Paleontology study techniques and methods
  • Applications of paleontology
  • Phyla of plants fossils

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Common terms in paleontology

According to our seasoned paleontology assignment writers, all scholars taking this course should be familiar with the following terms and concepts.

  • Paleontologists

These are the experts and scientists who research on ancient life by studying, examining and interpreting fossils

  • Paleontological locality

This is the site or geographical locality where fossils of past or extinct organisms are found

  • Surface collection

These are the paleontological materials and resources found after excavation on sites

  • Excavation

It is the process of extracting paleontological pieces of evidence and resources from the sites

  • Quarry

A quarry is a hole or pit that remains after the excavation process

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Critical concepts catered to by our paleontology assignment help service


Fossils are the remains of plants, animals and other organisms. They are usually embedded in rocks and preserved in petrified form. Fossils can be categorized into two primary forms:

  • Body Fossils

They are the remains of dead animals and plants that once lived in prehistoric times. They include the whole skeleton, bones from body parts, teeth, eggs etc.

  • Trace fossils

Trace fossils provide evidence of activities of organisms. They confirm that these living things were alive and present millions of years ago or at some point in history. Examples of trace fossils include footprints, artwork, stone tools, tracks, etc.

Kinds of fossils

The following are the various types of fossils that paleontology students learn and write assignments on:

  • True form fossils

These are the actual remains of an organism. Can be whole or part.

  • Ichnofossils

Also known as trace fossils, ichnofossils provide signs that an organism existed. Examples include fossilized nests, gastroliths, burrows etc.

  • Mold fossils

These are a fossilized impression of an organism made on rocks.

  • Cast fossils

Cast fossils are a form of mold fossils. They are formed when a plant, animal or organism dies and deteriorate due to chemical reactions. A cast is then formed from minerals entering the resulting cavity.

Preservation of fossils

Our experts have highlighted the natural preservation methods used on fossils:

  • Permineralization

This is a natural process where water minerals preserve fossils. After the organism has died, minerals enter and fill the spaces left by the decayed tissues. Crystal casts are then formed from the deposited water minerals. Understand this process better by taking our paleontology homework help today.

  • Unaltered preservation

In this process, the original material of the dead organism does not change into something else. Though water is lost from the organism’s body, the soft tissues and the present proteins degrade, and the colour of the body also changes.

  • Replacement

The replacement method involves a chemical reaction. Mineral water dissolves the hard parts of the remains and replaces them with minerals such as silica, hematite, pyrite and calcite. These minerals replicate the original structure of the organism. Examples of fossils preserved through this method include wood, shells, bones etc.

  • Recrystallization

This method is almost similar to preservation through replacement. However, in recrystallization, the original skeleton compounds are preserved in a different crystalline form.

  • Carbonization

This preservation method occurs when the residual carbon of an organism is left behind. The remains of an organism are often subjected to high heat and pressure which cooks it. A thin layer of carbon is left behind. The process of carbonization usually takes a lot of time to occur. Coal is an excellent example of fossils of Carboniferous plants.

  • Authigenic preservation

Also known as cementation, authigenic preservation is mainly for plants. It encompasses the processes of casting and molding. In authigenic preservation iron and carbonate minerals cement around the dead plant and dissolve it over time. Casts are left on the internal and external surfaces.

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