Solve My Accounting Assignment Online

Solve My Accounting Assignment Online

Accountancy is the backbone of commerce. It plays a key, and the strategic role in many companies and organisations. In the past few years, the number of students signing up for specialised education in accountancy has escalated. This clearly shows that accounting courses are top-rated and on high demand in the job market.

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What Is Accounting?

Accounting is the systematic gathering, recording, analysing and classifying the transactions of a business. It is a professional discipline that involves the interpretation and presentation of financial information. Accountants prepare profit and loss statement and the statement of affairs of a company.  Our accounting experts describe accounting as a body of knowledge that handles financial information needed by the business to acquire resources.

Features of Accounting

  • Recording – It is concerned with the systematic recording of all the monetary transactions done within the company.
  • Classification – This is another vital feature of accounting. All the transactions of a business are categorised under ledgers. Additionally, since the company performs different transactions, they should be classified under various heads depending on the nature of accounting.
  • Summarising – Accounting summarises all the transactions of a business through the preparation of final accounts. The summarising feature of accounting can be seen in profit and loss statements and balance sheets.
  • Interpretation – After the transactions have been recorded, classified and summarised, the ultimate step is interpretation. This feature of accounting determines if the statements prepared depict a healthy state of the business. Interpretation shows the profitability level of the organization.

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Principles of Accounting

The principles of accounting refer to the guidelines that a company has to conform to. These set of rules provide a framework under which a firm has to perform its accounting function. Our “solve my accounting paper online” experts give the following as some of the accounting principles:

  • Accrual Principle
  • Reliability Principle
  • Going concept Principle
  • Economic Entity Principle
  • Materiality Principle
  • Consistency Principle
  • Cost Principle
  • Matching Principle
  • Conservatism Principle
  • Full Disclosure Principle

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The Key Elements of Accounting

  • Balance Sheet

A balance sheet depicts the current statement of affairs of a company or organization. It comprises of assets (classified under current and non-current), Liabilities and Shareholder’s capital.

  • Profit and Loss Statement

A profit and loss statement summarizes and evaluates the operations of a business. It determines an organization’s profitability level. A profit and loss account highlights to the shareholders if the company generated a profit or incurred a loss during the current year of accounting.

  • Cash Flow Statement

A cash flow statement shows the inflow and outflow of cash within the business during a specific accounting year. It reflects the flow of cash, and interpret and communicate the information to the owners of the company.  When the inflow of cash is higher than outflow, the flow of cash is considered positive. The vice-versa is valid for a negative flow of cash. A cash flow statement provides a mirror reflection of the state of the company and all its operations.

  • Trading Account

A Trading account depicts the income earned and the expenses incurred by the primary operations of the business. It includes all direct income and expenditures recorded during the production of goods and services

  • Comparative Balance Sheet

A comparative balance sheet provides a comprehensive comparison of two balances sheets between two financial years. The previous year is considered the succeeding year, while the current fiscal year is called the base year. Accountants use the two years to carry out a comparative analysis to determine the current state of affairs of the business.

  • Revenue Expenditure

Revenue Expenditure accounts for the daily and recurring expenditure incurred as a result of the business operations of an organization. It denotes the expenses incurred by the business daily and frequently.

  • Capital Expenditure

Capital Expenditure refers to the non-recurrent expenses incurred by the business. These expenses are not considered part of the expenditures recorded during the accounting year. Capital Expenditure usually depicts the purchase of a capital asset, which increases the ability of the firm to earn more profit.

  • Accounts Payable

Accounts payable refers to the business dealings and transactions done on credit. As a result, the organization is expected to pay suppliers or creditors.

  • Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable are developed when the organization expects to receive money from outsiders. When debts owed to the organization are recorded under accounts receivable.

Methods of Accounting

  • Accrual Basis

Accrual Basis is an accounting method that emphasizes the recognition of an item rather than the actual generation of the transaction. It is the practice of recording transactions when earned and expenses when incurred. The main advantage of the accrual basis method is it provides a clear impact of the transactions carried out by the business by matching revenues with related expenses.

  • Cash Basis

Cash basis accounting method stresses of recording transactions for expenses and revenues only after the corresponding amounts have been paid. The accountant only needs to record payable when it has been funded by the company and revenue when the customer pays for a good or service. One of the limitations of the cash basis method is that it may recognize revenues from a different period when related expenses are recognized.

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