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The experts of define Information technology as the use of computers and software to manage data. This coursework involves the application and utilization of information and telecommunication tools to transmit, store, and retrieve data. Other Computer Science professionals think of Information Technology as the processing, storage, and distribution of collected information in the form of texts, pictures, voice, and numbers with the help of telecommunication tools.

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The History of Computer Technology

Over the years, computer technology has undergone serious evolution. The sector has witnessed remarkable changes and improvements in programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and hardware. Our information technology professionals have summarized some of the critical changes that have been experienced in IT below:

  • 1834 – Charles Babbage proposes an analytical engine that included analog, digital, and mechanical architecture concepts in computer technology.
  • 1940 – Colossus develops the first electronic computer. This system was later replaced by the random-access digital storage device created by William Tube
  • 1980 – Digital computing mechanism is deemed as an economical and efficient way of solving large scale computational issues.

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Why is Information Technology so important?

Information Technology has become an inevitable necessity both in our regular life and society at large. The domain has revolutionized the way people do business and interact. As an IT student, you should be familiar with the following general propositions that evaluate the potentiality of IT:

  • Modern Industry improvement

In the past, the output of a firm was dependent on undifferentiated mass production. However, sophisticated tools in IT has made it possible for business owners to do consumer-centric production.

  • Money and time utility

Computers and the Internet have made it possible for consumers to access all the necessary information about products and reach stores that are not within their geographical area. Customers can now order and purchase items online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Additionally, scholars can also sign up for distance learning programs and attend lectures via multimedia tools. This not only saves money that would have been incurred as traveling expenses but also saves the time of moving from one place to another.

  • Information Hub

This is considered as the primary benefit of IT. In this 21st Century, all information is readily available online. Long gone are the days when students and researchers had to ready bulky textbooks. With the availability of efficient search engines like google, all you have to do is enter a keyword on the search tab and get the information you need.

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Barriers faced in the adoption of technology

Although the revolution in the technology industry is raging like a wildfire all over the world, companies and individuals face a myriad of challenges in adopting to the changes. According to the IT professionals at, the following are some of the hurdles that inhibit technological evolution:

  • High cost of purchase and implementation

Technology is considered to be both dynamic and exorbitant. Companies spend a lot on technology to gain in a competitive edge over their peers. However, upcoming firms that are still operating on a low scale and cannot afford to set up and maintain technological infrastructure. Most of these small companies consider the return on investment to be lower than the cost. Take Information technology assignment help from us and get to grasp this concept better.

  • Lack of skilled workforce

Information technology is a lucrative field because there is a deficiency of skilled manpower. Renowned companies look to hire candidates who possess brilliant IT skills and considerable working experience. However, such potential candidates demand a high salary, which some firms cannot afford. As a result, they cannot entirely rely on IT and mitigate their technical challenges. If you are an IT or computer science student, Edu Assignment Helper can help you propel your grades and take you a step closer to your dream career. Get our excellent information technology assignment help and attain academic excellence in your coursework.

  • Cybercrime and data security breach

Data is the life-line of a company. Firms strive to keep information related to their clients and line of business private. However, Hackers and fraudsters have also upped their game. Applications that support online banking, monetary documents, and client information database are their target. Many companies are, therefore, hesitant to adopting such technologies because of privacy and security breach. Computer Technology experts have, however, tried to improve this by introducing cloud computing.

  • Poor technological infrastructure

Technology dramatically depends on well-laid infrastructure. Most users and enterprises face complicated infrastructure issues that limit their technological expansion. Some of the common problems include continuous power failure, poor broadband connectivity and physical disputes related to infrastructure

Tools of ICT

  • Computers

The first electronic computers developed by colossus were only meant for calculation of numbers. However, the advancement of technology over the years has made computers mandatory for academic institutions, household appliances, hospitals, offices, and other industries. Modern computers are used for teleconferencing and video chat, sending mails, entertainment, maintaining a database and keeping track of records, and automation of tools, among others.

  • Mobile Phones and Telecommunication

Transmission of messages was previously done by landline telephones. Unfortunately, these wireline phones had to be set up in a specific area and could not be relocated from place to place. The advancement of mobile technology has changed this. Now, mobile phone users can communicate with their loved ones and colleagues at their comfort.

  • The Internet

The internet is a network that links all the global networking sites together. It has facilitated the communication and sharing of information through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and a lot more. Also, online shoppers depend on the internet to connect to e-commerce sites like Amazon and Alibaba, among others.

Difficulties faced by students with information Technology assignments

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