Operating System Homework Help

Operating System Homework Help

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What is an operating system?

An operating system, often abbreviated as OS, is a software that acts as a link between the computer hardware and software resources. It allows the system generated program to complete a specific task and allocates memory to significant system processes. Additionally, the Operating system enables computer users to communicate with the system by translating keyboard inputs and clicks into machine language. A computer cannot operate without an OS. It will be like trying to communicate with a foreigner without an interpreter. So avail of professional assignment help from Eduassignmenthelper.com and get to know more about this unique software.

The history of the operating system

The first OS was created in 1960. It had no sophisticated features. The operating system was able to perform various operations automatically at a synchronous speed. It was only after the 1960s that the operating system was improved with hardware add-ons. This improvement was vital because it facilitated the operation of i/o interrupts, multitasking, spooling, link loading, run-time library, buffering, and running parallel processors.

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Classifications of Operating Systems

Ever since the first operating system was developed in the 60s, there has been an immense improvement in both technology and the software. According to our computer science experts, the following are the major classifications of operating systems:

  • Real-time OS

These types of OS are multitaskers that execute real-time applications. A real-time operating system responds quickly and in a deterministic manner by implementing a scheduling algorithm. They are based on event-oriented and time-sharing events.

Event-oriented – executes tasks based on the external events associated with it and priority

Time-sharing – clock interrupts determines tasks are swapped

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  • Multi-user OS

A multi-user operating system allows more than one user to access the resources of a computer at the same time. Their development is based on the time-sharing configuration, which enables users to access it. The experts of Edu Assignment Helper are waiting to provide you with relevant examples of this.

  • Distributed OS

A distributed operating system involves linking multiple independent systems to form a network. The network appears as one computer. For a detailed explanation of this, get in touch with us now through our live chat facility.

  • Embedded OS

This is a special type of operating system that is designed to perform specific hardware-oriented functions for a device that is not a computer. Its main job is to execute the code that allows the device to perform the task needed.

Application of operating systems

According to our Computer Science experts, there is a wide range of OS applications. Some of them have been highlighted below:

  • Memory Management

The operating system is the chief administrator of both primary and main memory of a computer. To effectively manage memory, the OS performs the following tasks:

  • Tracking memory in use and those that are not in use
  • Allocates memory upon request by processors
  • In multi-programming systems, the OS determines the percentage of memory it should allocate to a process
  • De-allocates memory when processes have been terminated
  • An OS also records the delay between request and response of service
  • Processor management

The OS does the following to schedule processes:

  • Tracking both the activity of the CPU and the status of processes
  • Assigning viable and significant processes to a processor
  • Deallocate terminated processes from processors

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  • File Management

A file is often directed to directories for simplified usage and easy navigation. An OS manages files by performing the following functions:

  • Keeping track of the location, details, and status of the stored information
  • Decides which resources should be assigned to a program
  • Deallocates resources from terminated programs
  • Uses firewalls and security passwords to prevent unauthorized access of data
  • Device management

A device communicates to the OS through various drivers. The operating system plays the following role in device management:

  • Keeping track of all the devices connected to the system
  • Assigning devices to specific processes
  • Coordinate assemblers, compilers, and interpreters

Examples of Operating Systems

  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Windows

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