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Criminology Assignment Help Online

The concepts of criminology revolve around crime in society. Every citizen has specific duties to perform and they enjoy certain rights. However, these rights and responsibilities must be in line with societal norms. Many times, some people often deviate from such laws and engage in anti-social ideologies. As a result, the state must take mandatory steps and actions to protect society and punish lawbreakers accordingly.

Famous philosophers and criminology experts have given definitions and outlook on this subject. Avail of our criminology assignment help service for an elaborate explanation of criminology law. According to Salmond, criminology is the difference between lawful and unlawful acts. Legal acts are activities that are permissible by law, while illegal actions are prohibited and must be punished as per the norms of the land (Markose, 2016). Our criminology assignment help is all about the definition of criminology, scope, and nature, and the various school of thought and views put in by experts.

The concept of crime

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Crime can be defined as the infringement of the cherished norms of society. An individual who does not follow the rules and regulations is known as a criminal or anti-social. According to Blackstone, crime is an act committed with evil tendencies that violate the rights of the community at large. Another philosopher, known as Sutherland, also defines crime as a symptom of community disorganization. Halsbury describes it as an unlawful act that disrupts order in public, which must be subjected to punishment (Mansley, 2014). Keeton, on the other hand, defined crime as an unwanted action carried out by an individual which can be corrected by the government by penalizing the offender or using any remedy at the discretion of the aggrieved party (Keeton, 2015).

From the definitions above, we can draw that crime has three bare characteristics:

  • It causes harm to society
  • The state is supposed to be on top of things by supervising law and inflicting punishment to lawbreakers. Also, preventive measures must be taken to mitigate the commission of crimes.
  • The laws of the land determine whether a person is guilty of a crime or not. The trial of a person must be according to the rules and regulations of the state.

According to our criminology assignment help experts, the most appropriate and precise definition of crime is that given by Halsbury because it has all the elements of identifying an offender and the action that should be taken. There are three prominent types of crime:

  • Predatory crime

This type of crime is conspicuous and cannot be hidden. The society usually reacts to the exploitation of the victim. Excellent examples of predatory crimes include kidnap, theft, dacoity, and extortion, among others.

  • Inchoate crimes

Also known as preliminary or incomplete crime, inchoate crime are acts that involve the tendency to participate in another crime indirectly. Some of the examples of such crimes include attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy.

  • Hate Crime

The perpetrators of hate crimes are usually the community as a whole. This type of crime is generally committed without any motivation but generally oriented by gender, religion, ethics, and race. Hate crimes are often against vulnerable and minority groups in society.

Apart from the three kinds of crimes mentioned above, there are also certain crimes that have no direct victims. These crimes are often known as victimless crimes and have no direct impact on society. However, the offenders are still punished according to the laws that prohibit such acts. Victimless crimes are illegal and against the economic interest of the society. Examples of such crimes include drunkenness in a public place, selling prohibited merchandise such as drugs, bestiality, etc.

Criminology classifies crimes and criminals so that a rational standard can be reached. This standard outlines different categories of punishment for different offenders and offenses. In the UK and under the English Law, crimes are classified into two broad categories, namely – felonies and misdemeanors (Stephen, 2014).

  • Felonies

These are crimes of serious nature. Felonies are punishable by death sentence or life imprisonment.

  • Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors are less severe. Offenders are usually punished by fines or with confinement in prisons or both.

Later on, three other categories were added:

  • Crime against property
  • Crime against the state
  • Crime against a person

In the USA, crime has been differentiated into 29 heads, ranging from narcotics and runaway juveniles to murder.

Definition of criminology

The term criminology is derived from two Latin words;Crimen- which means crimeandlogia, which means study. Etymologically, the term refers to the scientific study of scope, nature, extent, and control of crimes in a community.

Donald Taft, a criminology expert, defines it as the scientific observation and analysis of crimes and criminals. Also, he defines penology as the treatment and punishment of offenders. Taft says that the concept of penology is older that criminology. This is because, in the early days, states preferred punishing offenders to adopting a scientific approach towards the causes of crime (Zainoddin, 2015)

Sutherland provided a more comprehensive definition of criminology. He defined it as a body of knowledge of delinquency. He also came up with verified principles and other concepts related to crime, reaction to crime and the process of law (Kautt and Pease 2013)

Coleman and Norris state that criminology is the analysis of perpetrators, nature, and causes of crimes. It involves formulating and enforcing laws and evaluation of ways to control crime in the society. (Coleman & Norris, 2013).

The Scope and nature of criminology

According to Enrico Ferri, developing countries are actively engaging in measures to safeguard the interest of their communities against crimes and criminals by implementing an effective criminal policy (Taylor et al., 2013). This social defense theory aims to eliminate crimes in the community through efficient administration of criminal law in that specific country.

Criminologists all around the globe are working to come up with a uniform penal code that can offer a proper administration of prisons, courts, reformative institutions, and the police. To adequately combat crime, the factors that motivate offenders to commit crimes must be taken into consideration (Shute 2014). Our criminology assignment writing service focusses on the different aspects of crimes and measures taken to punish criminals. Our criminology experts are also familiar with the penal system ranging from indeterminate sentences, parole and probation systems, open prisons, and other reformative institutions.

If a criminal is adequately rehabilitated and reformed, the chances of committing the same crime diminish. Thus, he or she may no longer be considered a threat to society. This is the main aim of criminology.

The study of criminology is dependent on two primary principles (Rovira, 2015):

  • Nullumcrimen sine lege

A person will only be charged for a criminal activity if the law prohibits the act, and the offender had criminal intentions while performing it.

  • Nullapoena sine lege

An offender will only be punished by the legal system if the act committed is punishable under the existing penal system of the state.

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The importance of criminology

  • Criminology works with the assumption that no one is born a criminal. With adequate chances to reform, an offender can turn into a law-abiding citizen. This subject does not apply general rules but focusses on the rehabilitation of criminals.
  • Criminology depends on the scientific research and knowledge of detectives, police, jurors, judges, attorneys, lawyers, psychiatrists, sociologists, and psychologists. This ensures that a perfect criminal justice system is put in place.
  • The main goal of criminology is to attain a crime-free society and social harmony.
  • The recent developments in technology have also made the lives of individuals complicated. As a result, there has been a sharp rise in white-collar crimes, cheating, cybercrimes, theft, and smuggling, etc. Criminology has succeeded in developing formidable strategies to rise against the new challenges and protect society from commissions of crime. Additionally, the administration of criminal systems has been developed according to the needs of modern society. (Bonger, 2015)

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