Labor Law Assignment help

Labor Law Assignment help

Labor law is a set of administrative rulings that address the legal rights of employees. Also known as employment law, these rules are meant to mediate on the relationship between employers, trade unions and employees. You can get instant help with your labor law assignment right here at Avail of our employment law assignment help and have your write-up composed by adept writers.

Employment standards introduced by labor laws

Employment standards are the minimum socially acceptable norms or conditions under which contractors or employees should work. Our top-rated academic writers can provide you with a detailed explanation of this when you avail of our employment law assignment help service.

Employment standards are codified by labor laws and enforced by government agencies. They are initiated through regulatory bodies, the legislature or the judiciary. At Edu Assignment Helper, we boast of highly-experienced and knowledgeable labor law experts. You do not have to face challenges with your assignment in silence. Get our labor law assignment help today and secure decent grades.

Categories of Labor laws

According to our reputed experts, there are two distinct categories of labor laws:

  • Collective labor laws: Handles the relationship between the union, employers, and employees
  • Individual labor laws: These group of laws is concerned with the rights of employees at their workplace and the contract of the work

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Characteristics of labor laws

Labor laws have certain characteristics which are synonymous in almost all countries worldwide. Our law professionals have highlighted them below:

  • The contract of employment between the employer and the employee determines their rights and obligations
  • To allow a smooth fluid labor marketplace, common law or legislation determines the terms and conditions in the contract. For example in the USA, employment is believed to be at will. As a result, the employer can discontinue any employee for any legal reason.

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Practical application of labor laws

Labor laws are applied in various manners. Here are some of the cases:

  • Providing the employee with written terms of work. Doing this allows the employee to understand what to expect in terms of the job description, holiday rights, salary or wages and notice period in case of dismissal. Also, the written agreement outlines what is expected of the employee.
  • Some employers avoid offering legal contracts to an employee so that they can pay the worker less than the minimum wage. Also, an employee may refuse to agree to a contract that gives the employer the power to sack him/her unfairly. Get employment law assignment help from Edu Assignment Helper to understand these applications better
  • In the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, Belgium, and China among other countries, some laws stipulate the minimum wage that a worker should be paid per hour.
  • The minimum wage is often determined by the factors of demand and supply within a free market. It is quite different from the lowest wage. The minimum wage can act as a price floor. Most industrialized states have a minimum wage while several developing nations have not yet implemented such standards.

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Minimum wages as described by employment/labor laws

Nations that do not have particular laws specify and regulate minimum wages. A good example is Sweden, where employers and unions through collective agreements, negotiate the minimum wage. The agreement also applies to non-organized employers and non-union workers.

In the USA, the minimum wage was introduced way back in 1938. Other countries such as France in 1950, India in 1948, and the UK in 1998 later followed suit. Today, 18 out of 25 members of the European Union have national minimum wages. Our experts have ventured more into minimum wage under our economics assignment help and law assignment help services. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are struggling with an assignment on this topic.

Factors considered when developing individual labor laws

The following are some of the factors that come into consideration when individual employment laws are being enacted:

  • Living wage: This wage is much higher than the minimum wage. The living wage should enable the workers to support themselves and their families. Take labor homework help from us and know more about the living wage.
  • Hours of work: Various nations around the globe have laws that outline the maximum number of hours that an employee should work. Such laws also stipulate whether employees who work overtime deserve additional compensation.
  • Safety and health concerns: The safety and health of workers are usually vital in almost all countries. The UK enacted the English Factory Law in 1802 to deal with the safety and health of child laborers who were working in the textile industry.
  • Discrimination: Labor and employment laws prohibit discrimination. In most organizations or companies, discriminations based on gender and particularly race is regarded as illegal and morally unacceptable.
  • Child labor: Employing children in factories only became a problem when the concerns of universal schooling started. Child labor was made a matter of disputes with concepts such as children’s rights and laborer’s definitions being introduced. In the 21st century, most countries have outlawed the employment of children. Moreover, there is also a widespread awareness of the rights of children through social organization and media.

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