Business Development Assignment Help

Business Development Assignment Help

Global corporates are specifically seeking for graduates who are knowledgeable on business management.  This has made the course to be one of the most sought after disciplines. Universities and colleges across the globe have established their management schools and they  offer a wide range of business courses. Business development is one of the sub-fields of business management. It aims to improve a company by implementing tactics and methods that boost the line of business. provides a meticulous business development assignment help service to support students struggling with their assignments. Our professional business management experts can provide you with a write-up that fulfils all your academic needs. When you seek our help, you will never have to worry about your upcoming deadlines.

What is Business Development?

As mentioned above, business development is an interdisciplinary area of management that incorporates perspectives from commerce and organizational theory. Over the years, the subject has evolved into several sub-disciplines. Today, specialized engineers, sales agents, programmers and IT professionals play roles related to business development.

The main job of a business developer is to come up with a growth plan and execute it in collaboration with the teams in production, marketing and R&D. If you aspire to be a renowned business development professional, you will need to possess skills in areas of business management that include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Strategic management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capture or proposal management

Our management experts have discussed below how each of these fields contributes to the business development discipline:


The area of finance deals with how business organizations or the government allocate assets and liabilities during the periods of certainty and uncertainty. Finance can further be sub-divided into three main areas, namely:

  • Public finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Personal finance

The knowledge of the financial state of the company helps business development professionals to formulate strategies that reduce costs and increase business. The following reports can be used to determine the financial position of the organization:

  • Statement of income – outlines the net profit attained by the company
  • Balance sheet – Tells the management of the financial state of the company at any given moment
  • Owner’s equity statement- provides information on the effects of cash inflow and outflow on the owner’s capital


Marketing involves the process a company uses to communicate the value of its product to target customers to maximize profit. Traditionally, marketing deals with four distinct aspects:

  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Product
  • Place

These aspects are often referred to as the 4Ps of marketing or marketing mix. Business development professionals must consider these aspects when coming up with any strategy.

Strategic Management

Strategic management can be defined as the development and execution of strategies after a thorough analysis of the internal and external environment of the business. The top management team typically undertakes these critical decisions on behalf of the shareholders and board of directors. Today, strategic management has shifted its focus from the production processes to the marketing processes. Formulating formidable and fool -proof strategies are quite essential for business development.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger is the coming together of two or more companies. On the other hand, An acquisition is the taking over of a company by another. The two are part of strategic planning. The process of mergers and acquisitions consist of the following distinct stages:

  • Documentation: The two parties entering the deal draft a letter of intent
  • Business valuation: This involves the evaluation and analysis of the net worth of both the firms coming into the merger or acquisition.
  • Financing: This is the stage that defines how the acquisition or merger deal is going to be carried out. It can be through the purchase of stocks, cash purchase, etc.

Legal Aspects

This area deals with the legal conventions that determine how a company conduct business. Most of these regulations are commercial laws.

Capture management/Proposal management

It involves the creation and evaluation of the proposals for capturing new businesses.

An adept and competent business developer must have extensive knowledge of all the areas mentioned above. To develop and implement successful business development policies, you must be familiar with the competition the company is facing, the financial position and ways of acquiring capital for new business projects. In this modern age, business development has grown into an independent discipline. Companies strive to find business development solutions based on research.

Business Development Policies: Business Pipeline Strategy

The business pipeline strategy is an exciting concept in business development. It is the flow of potential customers in a company. These clients are considered to be in a pipeline and are always provided by a business plan that contains:

  • Projected sales figures
  • Factors leading to wins and losses
  • Sales channels and figures leading to top-performing sales
  • The sales of services

Skills and techniques required in business development

  • Evaluation of market targets and marketing opportunities
  • Gathering of intelligence of competitors and clients
  • Finding leads to possible sales
  • Conducting follow-ups on sales activities
  • Business model design.’
  • Drafting formal business proposals or presentation management and writing
  • Presentation rehearsals and pitching
  • Seeking advice on the process of business development and enforcing sales policies

Business development is a vast and complicated area of study. It encompasses and draws knowledge from several allied fields. As a business developer, you must be acquainted with almost everything in  finance, management, accounting, sales, marketing, etc.

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