Conflict Management Assignment Help

Conflict Management Assignment Help

Conflict management is the process of resolving disputes. It involves recognizing, dealing and sensibly handling of misunderstandings. Companies usually implement conflict management to make sure that there is effective communication, and effective problem solving and negotiation skills. Get to submit an impressive and excellent quality assignment by availing of our conflict management assignment help. Our assignment experts are the perfect people to help you secure top grades.

Merits and demerits of managing conflicts at work

Our conflict resolution help experts have highlighted the hassles and benefits of conflict management below:

  • Time

Time is one of the primary resource which is scarce in case of conflict management. It takes significant time to create and implement a conflict management plan. This time could have been used by the company to engage in some other more productive work.

  • Productivity

Our conflict management assignment help team outlines productivity as one of the advantages of conflict resolution. Although spending time formulating resolution strategies affects productivity, in the long run creating a conducive environment for employees, work in the best interest of the firm.

  • Situations

Conflicts come in different sizes and shapes. There is no common formula used to identify conflict situations. Forcing the same strategy in every conflict situation can lead to difficulties. It is recommended that companies have multiple strategies for various conflicts.

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Conflict Management strategies

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Here are 5 strategies of conflict management followed by most firms:

  1. Accommodating

This strategy gives the opposite side of what the situation wants. The accommodating strategy is usually used when one of the parties involved in the conflict perceives the issue as a minor thing and is willing to settle for peace.


  • It overlooks less important situations and protect more important interests
  • It offers the parties to get an opportunity to view the situation from another angle


  • Accommodating your opponent can lead to he/she taking advantage of your kindness
  • It demoralizes and lowers your confidence. You may not be able to respond aggressively to negative situations in the future.
  1. Avoiding

Our conflict management experts define  avoiding strategy as seeking to put off the situation indefinitely. It involves resolving the conflict without any confrontation. People who often take up this strategy are often considered to have low-self-esteem or have low ranking in the office. Some of the pros and cons of this strategy include:


  • If you do not want to engage in an aggressive confrontation, you can delay your response or choose not to react until you are in more favorable position.
  • Avoiding a conflict can save you from stress
  • You get to focus your time on more important and urgent issues instead
  • Avoiding strategy gives you time to collect information and prepare a solid response to your opponent


  • Avoiding a situation can weaken and negatively affect your position
  • Parties that expect you to respond to the confrontation will not be happy with you 
  1. Collaborating

Collaborating involves coming up with a solution that is acceptable to both parties. Though it is useful, collaboration is never appropriate for conflicts in some cases. Mentioned below are some of the cons and prose of collaborating as highlighted by our experts:


  • This strategy can win respect and mutual trust
  • Collaborating can actually solve the problem
  • It can earn you the credit of being a good negotiator


  • It is extremely difficult to convince all parties to commit to a mutually acceptable solution
  • It requires more effort and time than the other strategies. As a result, it will not work if an immediate solution or fast response is required.
  1. Compromising

Just like the name suggests, compromising strategy involves all parties involved in the conflict giving up elements of their interests in order to reach and agreeable or acceptable solution. This strategy is usually employed by companies during negotiations with other firms.


  • Compromising strategy makes the resolution process faster
  • It provides a temporary solution while the parties are still looking for a win-win situation
  • Compromising lowers the level of stress and tension that comes from conflict


  • Convincing both parties to be satisfied with a solution is not easy
  • Compromising may lead to loss of trust in the long run
  • It requires a thorough analysis of the situation to come up with an effective solution. 
  1. Competing

According to our conflict resolution assignment help, competing strategy is a method that operates a zero-sum game. In this method, one party has to win while the other loses. Competing strategy is very effective in emergency situations where the number of conflicts are minimal. Mentioned below are some of the cons and cons of competing strategy:


  • Quick solution to conflict
  • It raises the self-esteem of the crew when the firm’s response to an aggressive behavior pays off


  • It can negatively impact your relationship with the opponent
  • It can force your opponent to respond aggressively and angrily even if they had no intention of doing so
  • Competing can be exhausting. A lot of energy is required to implement the method.

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Conflict management steps

  • Address

Try to address a conflict immediately you are aware of it. Do not allow the situation to grow or persist to a point it cannot be controlled.

  • Detect the level of importance

Find out the level of importance of the situation. Engage both parties in an interview to detect if there is a major disagreement or an unimportant one. This will help you know how to approach the situation.

  • Discuss

In this stage, hold a private discussion with each party to determine the root cause of the problem. Do not be biased. Evaluate the story of both sides separately and decide the cause of the problem.

  • Data Analysis

Analyze the information you have collected from the discussion and come up with what you perceive to be a fair resolution. Also, you can get recommendations and advices from third parties whose opinion you highly regard.

  • Resolve the Conflict

Bring the parties in conflict together for a discussion and present your resolution to them. Explain to them why you have chosen the solution. Also, inform them of what they stand to gain if they settle the disagreement with the idea on the table.

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