Consumer Behavior Assignment Help

Consumer Behavior Assignment Help

Consumer behavior encompasses economic entities such as individuals, groups, and organizations. It highlights the processes used by these entities to purchase products and services. Consumer behavior analysis and case studies are units under marketing and general management. At, we have professional experts who can assist you with assignments related to all the concepts of consumer behavior analysis, thesis, and typical case studies. All you have to do is avail of our consumer behavior assignment help.

What is consumer behavior?

Sabine Kuester, Strategic Marketing and Marketing in Specific Industry Contexts. 2012defines consumer behavior as the study of groups, individuals, and organizations and the processes they use to buy, use, and dispose of services, products, ideas, and experiences, among others. This subject also focusses on the effects of the choices made by these entities on the society in general.

According to our management experts, consumer behavior analysis is made up of the following aspects:

  • Research subjects
  • The study of the product or service being purchased, used and disposed
  • Products and services being sold
  • The impact of the choices made by consumers

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Application of consumer behavior

Consumer behavior consists of four significant areas of application. Our assignment help experts have discussed them below:

  • Marketing strategy

Reputable companies use consumer behavior analysis to formulate marketing strategies. Here are instances where consumer behavior can influence a marketing strategy.

  • Most consumers are more receptive to advertisements on food products when they are hungry. As a result, such ads are usually scheduled in the afternoon or early in the evening.
  • Some consumers also like experimenting with a new product. For this reason, companies introducing a new commodity to the market keep their initial price low to attract more clients and achieve a break-even point.
  • Social Marketing

Our consumer behavior assignment help experts point out that the main aim of social marketing is not to sell the product but rather get information across to potential customers. For example, if the prevention of HIV transmission on illegal drug users through the sharing of needles is the goal, the ad would focus more on advising the user to sterilize the needles before using them. Trying to reduce the number of illegal drug users will be unrealistic in this case. Keeping abreast of the choices made by consumers can help a company come up with robust marketing strategies. Do you want to know more about this? Hire our consumer behavior assignment help experts.

  • Public Policy

Consumer behavior impacts public policies profoundly. For example, the use of tobacco products and the consumption of alcohol shape up government policies on such products. To help consumers make an informed choice, tobacco companies print graphic images of lung infections. Also, alcohol companies write, “excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health.” statement on their products to warn consumers. For an elaborate explanation on this, get our consumer behavior assignment help.

  • Consumer choices

The concepts of consumer behavior not only help producers but also customers. For example, a detergent company may charge you less when you buy 64 bottles than 32 bottles. Although you may pay less per unit, there are size premiums that are attached. Thus, having this information can help you make a better decision before purchasing.  This is the reason why most consumers check the unit cost labels before buying a product.

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Consumer Behavior Analysis Theory: The Black Box Model

The black box model is a theory often applied in consumer behavior case studies. We have explained below how it is utilized:

Facts about the black box

  • The RAF used it in 1947. However, its popularity skyrocketed after 1964
  • The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder were known as the black box
  • The term black box can also be used to define anything with its function
  • The black box is defined by its input (what goes inside) and output (what comes out)

It is used as a compelling concept in a wide range of disciplines, such as psychology, philosophy, and other scientific inquiries.

A black box theory is applied in fields that require some inquiry or definition in relation to input and output. It is an integral part of consumer behavior and is mainly based on observation. In consumer behavior analysis, the human mind is viewed as the black box. The information available to the consumer is the input, and the decision made, and behavior practices are the output.

Why is this theory significant?

  • The black box theory can be used in consumer behavior to understand why clients make certain decisions
  • It explains the interaction between environmental factors and consumer responses.
  • It highlights the characteristics of consumers and their decision-making process

The black box theory is dependent on how well the company understands consumer responses and rational choices. Are you struggling with an assignment related to the black-box theory? Get consumer behavior assignment help from Edu Assignment Helper.

The black box model explained:

Environmental Factors Consumer Black Box  The Choices made by Consumers
Marketing Stimuli Environmental Stimuli Characteristics of Buyers Decision Making Process















Problem Recognition

Information search

Alternative evaluation

Purchase decision

Post purchase behavior

Brand Choice

Product Choice

Purchase timing

Purchase amount

Dealer choice

The black box model consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Environmental Factors

The environmental forces are marketing stimuli and environmental stimuli. The marketing stimuli cover the kind of product to be sold, the price of the purchase, the place where it is to be sold, and the promotion of the product. In more explicit terms, it revolves around the marketing mix of the company. On the other hand, environmental stimuli consist of factors that are not influenced by the marketing strategies implemented by the company. These factors include political, demographic, economic, natural, and technological factors.

  1. The Consumer’s Black Box

The choices made by consumers depend on the decision-making process. According to our consumer behavior assignment help, the process consists of the following steps:

  1. Problem recognition

The first stage of making a decision is to recognize the problem. The consumer has to realize that he or she has to choose out of a plethora or variety of market choices.

  1. Search for information

The second stage is collection of data to help recognize the problem and try to find a solution. The consumer can use information that is circulating in the market regarding a product or their memory. This step depends on perception, which is a psychological factor. Perception is how one interprets information received by using the human senses. Consumers tend to search for particular pieces of information regarding a specific product. This help companies come up with working marketing strategies.

Consumers can gather information from the following sources:

  • From family, friends and other personal sources
  • Advertisements
  • Public announcements
  • Memory and past experiences
  1. Evaluating all alternatives available

After collecting information, the consumer should evaluate all the options and alternatives available before making a choice. Our consumer behavior assignment help experts say that the entire set of possible options is known as an evoked set. This set is different depending on companies and products.

  1. Purchase decision

The next stage, after evaluating your options, is to make a purchase decision. However, you should note that not all purchase decisions lead to an actual purchase. You can learn more about this by availing consumer behavior assignment help from us.

  1. Post-Purchase

This is the stage where the consumer knows whether he or she has made the right decision and that the alternatives were never preferable. Post-purchase evaluation is associated with cognitive dissonance and can lead to an erosion of a loyal client base. Cognitive dissonance is a situation where one fosters contradictory opinions and beliefs at the same time. Know more about other customer characteristics such as attitude, lifestyle, etc. through our consumer behavior assignment help service.

  • Consumer Choices

The choices made by consumers are affected by product choice, brand, the purchase amount, purchase timing, and dealer choice.

Case Study Sample of Consumer Behavior Analysis

Mr. McCarthy, a resident of California, wants to buy a car. What is his consumer choice ?

  1. Recognizing the problem

Mr. McCarthy wants to shorten the time he uses to travel from home to the office.

  1. Information search

The possible travel choices available are bus, subway train, and personal car. He finally settled on getting a private car because of convenience and comfort.

  1. Alternative evaluation

He considered all brands and prices which were within the $20,000 he was willing to spend:

Toyota – $19500

Honda – $18700

Audi – $19750

  1. Purchase decision

Mr. McCarthy settled for a Honda because of the positive customer reviews he had read online and excellent dealer care policies.

  1. Post-purchase evaluation

The car dealer called Mr. McCarthy to find out about the condition of the car and to provide him with other customer services.

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  • The difficulty of the subject

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  • Cut-throat competition

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