Pricing Strategy Assignment Help

Pricing Strategy Assignment Help

Market pricing is one of the significant concepts in marketing and management. It helps a company create a perfect marketing mix that determines the success of products or services. Most organizations strive not to overprice their commodities without having proper brand value.

The pricing of a product can be quite challenging. Firms have to take into account a myriad of factors such as:

  • Quality of the product
  • Cost of production
  • Customer group
  • Market condition’
  • Market location
  • Competition

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Facts about pricing strategy

Firms need to choose an appropriate marketing strategy while engaging in any marketing process. A low price may attract many customers, but the company will struggle to make sufficient profit. On the other hand, pricing a product too high without any brand value will keep willing customers away from buying the product.

According to our pricing strategy assignment help experts, the following are some of the strategies followed by firms when determining the price of a product:

  • Penetration pricing

This pricing strategy is usually adopted by organizations that want to enter a market at the initial stage. The firm sets a low price to attract many customers. After the clients have familiarized themselves with the product and have become loyal, the price level is increased.

  • Competition pricing

This method of price setting is based on what the competitors are charging. It is mostly used by organizations venturing into a market where other firms are also selling similar products. The company first conduct extensive research on the price set by competitor companies before setting prices for their products.

  • Cost-Based Pricing

In this kind of pricing method, the total cost of expenses incurred while producing the commodity is used to set the price. Costs such as those in production, operation, and transportation of the product are incorporated on the price of the goods. Additionally, a profit margin is added on top of the total costs.

  • Product line pricing

This type of pricing method caters to multiple products offered by an organization. These products are usually in coordination with each other. A product line pricing strategy aims to maximize the sale of different batch of products.

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