Online Strategy Assignment Help

Online Strategy Assignment Help

A strategy is both an art and science of formulating, evaluating, and implementing viable ideas that can help an organization achieve its goals. It encompasses a company’s mission, vision, plans, and policies that define the course it should take to realize its objectives. Also, a strategy often outlines the necessary resources that are required to accomplish the predetermined goals.

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The two main processes of strategy

A strategy involves explicitly two initiatives that are taken by the top management of the company. Our strategic assignment help professionals have explained them below:

  1. Formulation

In the formulation stage, the management analyzes the market condition and comes up with strategic ideas that can help the company gain a competitive edge over its rivals. There are several factors considered when formulating a strategy. They are:

  • The nature of the business done by the firm
  • The target market of the product manufactured by the company
  • The purchase patterns and characteristics of the customers
  • The geographical location of the business
  • Product differentiation ability
  • Opportunities and threats


  1. Implementation

Implementation is the alignment of resources with the strategy to help the company attain its goals. Before implementing any strategy, the top management must consider factors such as resource structuring, leadership style, communication channels, management, performance monitoring, etc.

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Strategy formulation at different business levels

There are a variety of strategies formulated and implemented at different levels within  an organization. We have highlighted some of them below:

  1. Corporate strategy

This type of strategy involves the evaluation of the overall scope of the line of business and the purpose of operations of the organization. A corporate strategy aims to fulfill the expectations of both the internal and external stakeholders. It is very crucial to get it right when formulating strategies for this business level because it is highly influenced by investors. Furthermore, corporate decisions are complex and should conform to the mission statement of the organization.

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  1. Operational Strategy

Operational strategy gives direction to the functional units of an organization. It focusses on the flaws of employees, resources used, the process of production, inventory control, and quality control.

  1. Business Unit Strategy

This is the strategy adopted to handle individual target markets. A Business unit strategy considers the new opportunities available, customer expectations, and decisions on products, among other factors that can help the company gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Team strategy

A team strategy is formulated by a group of employees working together or in the same department to accomplish their objectives. In any company, every department is assigned a distinct set of targets and goals that they must meet. As a result, it is vital that they come up with robust team strategies to guide them.

Strategy Models

  1. Linear Strategy

A linear strategy is the process of planning, making decisions, and taking actions regarding the feasible objectives of an organization. In this type of strategy, the company improves and modifies the products they offer in the market while taking into account the changing needs of consumers. Linear strategy is associated with three significant factors:

  • Strategy planning
  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy implementation
  1. Interpretive Strategy

It involves the formulation of strategies in regard to the latest interests and culture of the organization. In the interpretive strategy model, strategies are developed to help the stakeholders understand the environment and scenario the business is operating in.

  1. Adaptive Strategy

This model involves the alignment of the available resources and the capabilities of the firm with the opportunities and threats. It refers to the continuous assessment and evaluation of internal and external factors an organization faces.

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Types of strategies development according to Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg was a renowned author and academic expert. He successfully ventured into the field of strategies and did an outstanding analysis. Mintzberg classified strategies development into five types. Our online MBA tutors have expounded them below:

  1. Strategy as a plan

This is a concept where a course of action is developed to accomplish the predetermined objectives set by the organization.

  1. Strategy as a situation

This type of planning and strategy is formulated based on the external factors of the organization.

  1. Strategy as a pattern

This type of strategy is not preplanned. It is developed based on past experiences. It is also known as an emergent strategy.

  1. Strategy as a trick

This is a strategy that is meant to help the company beat its competitors.

  1. Strategy as a perspective

The ideological perspective and theories of the organization guide the formulation of this type of strategy.

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Strategic Planning: The Overview

Strategic planning involves several processes undertaken by the top management of an organization to come up with a proper strategy. The process requires a strategy plan definition, directing policies and programs, making decisions, and allocating resources to execute the predetermined strategy.

Strategic planning is broad. It encompasses the entire process of developing and putting a strategy into action. The significant steps involved in strategic planning are:

  1. Conducting strategic thinking to formulate an actual plan
  2. Analyzing the business environment of the enterprise and potential competitor within the market
  3. Setting guiding principles to help attain the organization’s objectives
  4. Initiating the implementation process

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Strategic Planning tools

A myriad of tools are  used in strategic planning. Our strategic assignment experts say that these tools are essential in helping an organization achieve its desired objectives. The most popular strategic planning tools include:

  • SWOT Analysis

This analysis focusses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization.

  • PESTEL Analysis

Analysis of environmental factors that have a substantial impact on the performance of the business. These factors are political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal.

  • Porter’s five forces model

This analytical model majors on five significant factors which are; the bargaining power of customers, threat posed by new companies making entry into the market, bargain power of suppliers, the threat of substitute products, the type of competition in the target market.

  • Planning scenario

This process involves planning to determine the prospects of the business.

  • Matrix of growth share

This is an analytical tool used to determine whether the business is productive and can grow. The growth matrix is essential because it helps the management get rid of non-profitable lines of business.

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