Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

Chemical engineering uses the concepts of chemistry, physics, and engineering to transform raw materials (chemicals and materials) into finished products. This process involves three major stages:

  1. First stage – Treatment of raw materials
  2. Second stage – the chemical transformation of raw materials
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Duties of a chemical engineer

If you aspire to work in the chemical engineering sector, then you will be tasked with a plethora of duties. Some of the activities you will undertake as a chemical engineer involves:

  • Conduct a series of research to improve the manufacturing process
  • Assure safety and security to staff working with dangerous chemicals
  • Planning and laying out of equipment
  • Come up with sophisticated processes and tools which can be used to separate liquid and gases. Also, to generate electrical currents.
  • Identify and sort out the problems related to manufacturing or development of processes
  • They make sure that only equipment that causes minimal environmental damage are used
  • Calculate and propose an estimate of the cost price of a product to the management team

The study of Chemical Engineering

Like we have mentioned above, the field of chemical engineering encompasses other studies such as physical science, chemistry, maths, engineering, etc. Transforming raw products into complete products involves a lot of aspects. As a result, students must study both theoretical and practical areas of the discipline. Also, they engage in a myriad of rigorous activities during the course of their study.

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What are some of the products that are obtained from chemical engineering?

A plethora of products that we use in our daily lives are manufactured through chemical engineering. We have discussed some of them below:

  • Hairspray

You have probably used hairspray to achieve a particular hairstyle. But do you know how they are made? A hairspray is manufactured using complex polymers. These polymers can hold your preferred hairstyle for some time. Hairsprays are packaged in an aerosol can which can be powered by a dimethyl ether (a pressurized gas). This gas boils away when the nozzle of the can is pushed down. The manufacturing of a hairspray requires a lot of chemical processes. Also, many ingredients like perfume are used.

  • Toilet Paper

Almost all households worldwide use toilet papers. They are basically made from new paper or recycled paper. Other materials used in the manufacture of toilet papers are water and chemicals. The chemicals disintegrate the raw materials into fibers and bleaches. If recycled papers are used, then they are first mixed and the pulp injected with air to remove the ink. The ink particles are skimmed off when they rise to the top of the pulp mixture. On the other hand, when new paper is used in manufacturing, a pressure cooker is used to cook the chipped wood. This is done to evaporate the water which is present in excess and the wood is reduced to pulp. The heat continues until the moisture content is around five percent. Then, bleaching is done to produce toilet papers using some machines. The whole process is long and cannot be discussed in detail here. We only wanted to highlight that chemical engineering plays a central role.

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste is also an essential product that you cannot do without. If its manufacturing is stopped, then our gums and teeth will decay. Fluoride is the most important ingredient used to manufacture toothpaste. It is a chemical that strengthens our teeth and prevents the formation of cavity. Sodium fluoride is the most common fluoride used in the manufacturing of toothpaste. The other ingredients used include foaming agents, binders and abrasives. Toothpaste manufacturing is a batch process. A batch can contain around ten thousand tubes of toothpaste.

The manufacture of the aforementioned products and many more not shared here require extensive knowledge of chemical engineering.  Various calculations and plans of various processes for transforming raw materials into useful products are used. The chemical engineering course requires students to study a lot and conduct a wide range of research. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find students struggling with their assignments.

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