Chemistry Assignment Help

Chemistry Assignment Help

Edu Assignment Helper has eminent academic writers who can easily deal with complexities in your chemistry assignment. They are efficient in this matter and guarantee you the utmost flawless papers. Mentioned below are some of the topics that our chemistry assignment helpers excel in:

  • Ionic compounds

Compounds that consist of ions are known as ionic compounds. We can say that two-element compounds are ionic when one element is a metal while the other is a non-metal.  For example, Sodium Chloride (NaCl) which consists of sodium and chlorine ions. However, ionic compounds are more complicated than the two-element compounds mentioned above. Examples include Sodium Sulfate, Potassium Hydroxide, Ammonium Thiocyanate, Ammonium Carbonate, etc. Ionic compounds consist of both positively and negatively charged ions. Also, since the charges are always equal and opposite, ionic compounds are electrically neutral.

The chemistry assignment writers associated with us have in-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of ionic compounds. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us when you are facing hurdles with these kinds of assignments.

  • Redox Reactions

Redox reactions (oxidation-reduction reactions) is a chemical reaction that involves the transfer of electrons between two molecules. It can also be defined as a reaction in which an atom, oxidation number of a molecule or ion changes by losing or gaining an electron. Redox plays an important role in some of the basic functions of life like combustion, photosynthesis, respiration, corrosion and rusting, etc.

We also have chemistry homework help experts who specialize in the concepts of redox reactions. You can count on us at any time to provide you with remarkable solutions on oxidation-reduction reaction.

  • Transition Metal Chemistry

A transition metal forms one or more stable ions that have completely filled d orbitals (d sub-shells). It can also be any of the various chemical elements that have valence electrons in two shells instead of one. Valence electrons participate in the formation of chemical bonds. Transition metal is a convenient name used to classify the elements that have a partially filled d and f orbitals.  Transition metals occupy the middle portion of the periodic table.

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  • Thermo-chemistry

This is the study of energy changes as a result of physical and chemical reactions. From elementary science, energy can be defined as the ability to do work. Examples include accelerating an object using kinetic energy, producing electric power (electric energy), lifting things up (potential energy), raising the temperature of a system (heat energy), etc. On the other hand, work is force times the distance in the direction of the force. This definition gives us the very basic idea of energy (energy is the driving force of all changes)

Hire our chemistry homework experts if you are struggling with assignments related to the laws of thermodynamics, the principle of conservation of energy, heats of reactions, the standard enthalpy of reaction, Hess’s law, etc.

  • Balancing of chemical equations

Balancing equations in chemistry is an uphill task for many students. If you are not well-acquainted with the periodic table and the results of various chemical reactions, you are bound to struggle with this concept. Luckily for you, we have hand-picked experienced and highly-qualified chemistry tutors to assist you. You can blindly rely on the expertise of our writers. They can provide you with perfectly balanced chemical reaction equations. Your professor will have no choice but to award you a decent grade.

  • Mole Concept

A mole is a unit that provides a specific measure of the number of molecules or atoms in a bulk sample of matter. It provides a link between bulk mass, easily measured macroscopic property and extremely fundamental property (like the number of molecules, atoms and so forth). The Avogadro’s constant defines the number of entities composed in a mole. It has been experimentally determined to be 6.022141179 x 1023. The constant was named in honor of Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro and is reported with an explicit unit of “per mole.”

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  • Acid and Bases

Compounds can be classified into acids and bases. According to the Arrhenius definition, an acid produces H+ in a solution while a base produces OH. There is also the Bronsted-Lowry version which describes an acid as a molecule that gives away a proton (sometimes called a hydrogen ion) from its hydrogen atoms. This tells us that one of the building blocks of acids is hydrogen. Hydrogen is only made up of one proton and one electron. It is the simplest atom. Bronsted-Lowry acids can also be called proton donors. On the other hand, bases are the opposite of acids. Examples of acids include Vinegar (acetic acid) and Citric acid. The bases gladly take protons from acids. A good example of a base is Ammonia (NH3) which can be found in many window cleaning products.

Other topics include:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Nomenclature of hydrocarbons
  • Structure of an atom

This list is not an exhaustive one. It only has some of the topics that our experts have successfully helped students with. We cater to all chemistry assignments, so do not worry if you do not see your topic in the catalog. Our experts have a thorough understanding of these concepts and many more. Do not submit wrong solutions and be embarrassed by your grades. Take our help with chemistry assignment if you are not well-acquainted with the topic allotted to you. The solutions you receive from our professionals will earn you a decent grade.

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