Science Assignment Help

Science Assignment Help

What is Science? The term science was derived from the Latin word Scientia which means knowledge. Our science assignment helpers define it as a systematic discipline that offers ways of applying knowledge attained through practice and study. The concepts of science also help us understand the social world based on methodology and pieces of evidence.

The field of science is broad and encompasses several areas of study like biology, physics and chemistry. Our science assignment help caters to all these subjects. Our professionals can help you complete your science assignment without any hassle. At, you can also contact us for assistance with political science, computer science and any other homework related to science.

Branches of science

There are three main categories of science. Natural science, formal science and social science. These three areas are considered the building blocks of fundamental science. We have discussed the three categories of science below:

  • Natural Science

This branch of science deals with the prediction, description and understanding of natural phenomena. Natural science thrives  on observational and empirical evidence. Additionally, it is divided into two main branches; physical science and life science;

Physical science entails:

  • Physics
  • Earth science
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Meteorology
  • Ecology

On the other hand, Life science has the following sub-categories:

  • Human biology
  • Zoology
  • Botany 
  • Social Science

Social science is a significant branch of science that deals with the relationships among individuals in a society. It examines how people interact and develop culture. The sub-branches of social science are:

  • History
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Law
  • Geography
  • Linguistics
  • Formal science

Formal science deals with the theoretical system. Some of the common sub-categories of formal science include:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Logic
  • Decision theory
  • System theory

Avail our science homework help if you need help with any of the areas mentioned above. Edu Assignment Helper boasts of science assignment experts who possess the highest credentials in the field of science. We know that science is quite complicated. You need professionals who understand complex theories like chemical bonds, Newtonian mechanics, etc.  Our science assignment writers are well-versed with all the concepts involved in their area of specialization. They can help you gain a basic understanding of the subject. Opt for the science assignment writing help from and secure decent grades.

Famous path-breaking inventions in the field of science

The 21st century has seen significant advancement in technology. Almost every day, something new is being unveiled to the world. There has been a myriad of inventions in the field of science that have made our life more comfortable. Our science experts have discussed the five greatest science inventions below:

  1. The moving picture

People usually hold entertainment in high esteem.  American inventor, Thomas Edison is considered the father of moving picture. He partnered with his employee W.K.L. Dickson, who was a photographer in this project. Edison handled the electromechanical design while Dickson worked on optical and photographic development. Are you struggling with an essay or assignment related to moving picture? Take advantage of our science assignment help. Our experts can craft immaculate assignments within the allotted period.

  1. Light Bulb

The light bulb is also the brainchild of Thomas Edison. However, he did not create the first light bulb. Thomas came up with the first commercially practical incandescent light. He improved the design and patented it on November 4, 1879. Learn more about the light bulb through our science homework help service.

  1. Automobile

The first Automobile was designed in 1885 by Karl Benz. It was a motor wagon powered by an internal combustion engine. Later on, Henry Ford made some improvements in the production process and marketing strategies of automobiles. Ford’s policies made most Americans desire to own a car. Get detailed information about automobiles from our science experts.

  1. Printing Press

The printing machine was invented by Johann Gutenberg. As early as the 11th century, the Chinese already had a paper and block printing machine. However, their language was complex and limited the idea to spread. Marco Polo went to China to learn and brought the concept of the printing press to Europe. Do you need more information regarding the printing press? Get our science assignment help today.

  1. Airplane

The Wright Brothers never knew that their invention of the plane would change human life forever. On December 17, 1903, they made the first successful experiment of a machine that carried a man with its power, flew naturally at a controlled speed and landed without any damages. Our help with science assignment service covers the history of the airplane.

Scientific inventions and discoveries have helped humans evolve from cave dwellers to techno-geeks. Today, everywhere you look, you will see science, right from electricity to home appliances. Our modern life much depends on these scientific inventions. For this reason, it is essential that everyone at least acquire the necessary knowledge and concepts of science.

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